Henderson Brothers Takes on the Pittsburgh Marathon

Posted May 9, 2011 Company News

A few months ago Henderson Brothers, Inc. was presented with an opportunity to not only support a great cause, Gilda’s Club, but promote employee participationin in our wellness program through one fantastic event. That event was the FedEx Ground Pittsburgh Marathon Relay. After receiving support from our Wellness Committee and Management, Henderson Brothers set out to sell the idea of racing and fundraising to our employees.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the positive responses received from the employees. After jostling around runners like kids trading baseball cards, Henderson Brothers managed to put together FOUR teams with five runners on each team. With the team relay being most of the participants’ first organized running event, the past few months have been interesting for all of those involved.

The training and fundraising have been a journey, but we are all eagerly anticipating race day. We hope to see you cheering on not only our participants, but all of the marathon runners who have worked so hard to train and raise money for this great cause.

Henderson Brothers’ relay teams (in alphabetical order) and members (in running order) are as follows:

  • Gilda’s GoGo’s – Amanda Hohenberger, Clem Wandrisco, Kelly Drum, Lisa Rosen, Lauren Ebeck
  • Healthcare Healthie’s – Melissa Shell, Maggie Boucher, CJ Heidenreich, Pete Horne, Matt Klingensmith
  • Paczki’s – Matt Wagner, Jared Sadowski, Kyler Ford, Tim Allen, Mark Klingman
  • Sizzlin’ Sneakers – Kelly Davis, Janet Salamon, Darlene Billick, Laurie Matthews, Mike Welhorsky

The Pittsburgh Marathon is Sunday, May 15, 2011. If you are interested in cheering on Henderson Brothers’ relay teams, please visit the Pittsburgh Marathon’s website for more information on parking, events, and anything else you might want to know for race day:

Recently, Gilda’s Club had interviewed one of our Team Captains, Kelly Drum, for the Volunteer Profile section of their newsletter, Gilda Gram. Please take a few minutes to read Kelly’s interview below!

Henderson Brothers' Pittsburgh Marathon Relay Teams

Front row: Kelly Davis, Kelly Drum, Lauren Ebeck, Maggie Boucher, Amanda Hohenberger, Jared Sadowski, Melissa Shell, Clem Wandrisco,

Back row: Darlene Billick, Janet Salamon, Laurie Matthews, Tim Allen, Matt Wagner, Kyler Ford, Mark Klingman, Mike Welhorsky, Pete Horne

1. How did your group get involved running the marathon for Gilda’s?

Henderson Brothers writes the insurance for Gilda’s Club. Gilda’s Club Executive Director Carol Lennon called to ask if Gilda’s needed additional coverage for the marathon. I became interested and took the suggestion to our Wellness Committee. My manager agreed to pay the registration fee for the relays. The Wellness Committee sent an email to everyone at HBI and we ended up with 4 relays (5 people per relay).

2. How many employees are taking part?

19 (one relay member is a runner friend).

3. Are you the team captain?

I am one of four team captains.

4. How has that experience been?

We have had a lot of fun. The bake sale / casual day fundraiser stirred a lot of interest. Many employees who are not in the relays baked and donated generously. I think we might have more people involved next year!

5. How have they been training?

Everyone has been training on their own.

6. How has the training been going?

Personally the training has been difficult. I’m having trouble prioritizing training with a 9-year-old daughter, a new puppy and a busy work schedule.

7. What about the fundraising? Has that been difficult?

The fundraising has been easier than I expected. Our group goal of $3,000 seemed lofty. I felt pushy asking for donations. While talking to friends and clients about the training, several people offered to donate on my behalf. One client in particular donated more than my personal goal. People want to help when they hear it’s for Gilda’s Club. We have also done group projects (bake sale, casual day, 50/50 raffle) to relieve the pressure on individuals.

8. Will the group do this again next year?


9. What advice would you give to other groups who would like to put together relay team(s) to raise money for Gilda’s Club?

My advice is to stress the power walking relay option and start early. Many people feel intimidated by the word “marathon.” After seeing the variety of ages and sizes of those who are participating, many people say they want to be included next year.

10. What has been the best thing about being a part of this?

I have enjoyed bonding with employees for a common goal – to support Gilda’s Club.


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