Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Posted May 23, 2012 Company News

Hurricane Sign

In advance of the storm:

1. Plan Ahead

There are a few things you can do ahead of time to help reduce risk and hassles during the storm:

  • Determine where official shelters for evacuation are located and pick a meeting spot in case family members are separated.
  • Keep a full tank of gas in your vehicle and avoid driving through flooded roads and avoid downed power lines.
  • Prepare a disaster kit with 3 gallons of water per person and a 3 day supply of food, blankets and sleeping bags, prescription medications and a first aid kit, batteries, battery operated radio, toiletries, tarp, duct tape, money, credit cards and insurance documents.
  • Keep your cell phone charged or make sure you can charge it in your car using the cigarette lighter or have a portable charger.

2. Stay Aware

Stay tuned to weather advisories an evacuation notices. Also, know your community’s hurricane safety plan and develop a family emergency evacuation plan.

3. Doors and Windows

If your home is equipped with hurricane shutters or panels, now is the time to put them to use. if you don’t have shutters, close and lock windows and doors to minimize the chance of them blowing open, or of
water being blown through the gaps.

4. Manage Projectiles

Bring in lawn or patio furniture, garbage cans, statuary, mobile grills and any free standing, lightweight object — these become projectiles in a windstorm.


Once the storm has safely passed:

Inspect for damage and report claim as soon as possible to Henderson Brothers, Inc.

  • 24/7 claim number is 412-261-1842


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