OSHA’s new reporting requirements are in effect- are you ready?

Posted January 14, 2015 Industry Insights, Expert Tips, Company News

OSHA notice

There’ve been significant changes to your responsibilities as an employer to report work-related fatalities and severe injuries and illnesses now that a final rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has become effective.

Since the revised rule will increase reports of workplace injuries at the time of the incident, we expect a considerable rise in enforcement. This means employers will likely see an increase in OSHA’s inspections and citations- all the more reason to make sure your company is compliant.

Confused about the changes? Our in-depth Expert Update explains how OSHA’s amended final rule affects time limitations, employer obligations, reportable events, and the list of industries partially exempt from reporting requirements.

While employers in states under federal OSHA jurisdiction should have complied with the new regulations as of January 1, some states operate their own health and safety programs, and may have different implementation dates. Check to see if your state has already adopted an OSHA-approved plan, whether it is already effective, and if the requirements differ. Since the final rule is meant to act as a baseline, some state plans may be even stricter than the federal regulations.
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