Smartphones Pose Growing Security Risk

Posted November 29, 2011 Company News

Mobile technology has revolutionized our everyday lives, and will continue to play an even larger part in the years to come. From answering emails for work to video chatting with our friends and family, cell phones now go beyond the reach of a phone and into the category of personal computer. These new features are great because they allow you to take your life and work with you on the go, but with increased portability comes new, emerging risks that may pose danger to your confidential information.

One-third of Smartphone and other mobile device users store sensitive work-related information on their phone. Simple carelessness can lead to a loss or theft of a mobile device, which has the potential to become a substantial breach of confidential information. Even an increase in phone apps has created a unique security risk that companies have never faced before. It’s important to mitigate mobile security risks through a comprehensive strategy that includes preventative actions, ongoing vigilance, companywide policies, and having the right privacy-data breach insurance policies in place.



To read more about Smartphone security risks, check out Property Casualty 360’s article, “Smartphones Pose Growing Security Risks.”


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