When clients experience a loss that may be covered by an insurance policy, they must navigate a claims process. This can be a stressful time. Contacting a claims representative at Henderson Brothers will provide you with answers to your questions and address your needs. We offer 24/7 claims reporting.

Once a claim is made, we prioritize timely communication, seeking full value for losses, protection from lawsuits, and management of claims in an appropriate and efficient manner.

We offer the following claims management services:
  • 24/7 Claims Reporting
  • HBI Loss Runs
  • Loss Run Reviews
  • Open Claims Status Reports
  • Quarterly Claims Reviews
  • Claims Analysis Reports and Trending
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Management
  • Physician Panels
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Litigation Management
  • Automobile Claims Management
  • Property Claims Management
  • General/Product Liability Claims Management
  • Flood Claims Management
  • Marine Claims Management

We have experience managing claims for banks, construction companies, healthcare and social service agencies, tech start-ups, nonprofit organizations, oil/gas/power/energy industries, school districts, real estate offices, wholesalers, maritime businesses, the manufacturing sector, and aviation.

Commercial Claims Tracking and Managing

Claims are tracked via the HBI System, which places them into a diary where the claims’ progress can be monitored. Once a claim is made, Henderson Brothers works with the client and the carrier’s adjuster to investigate and resolve the claim in the timeliest manner possible.

This tracking and managing system prevents claims from getting lost on an adjuster’s desk. It also helps keep lines of communication open as a claim is negotiated toward settlement or deemed fraudulent. With close tracking, Henderson Brothers can help keep insurance costs in check with HBI loss runs, monthly loss run reviews, open claims status reports, quarterly claims reviews, and claims analysis reports and trending.

Commercial Workers’ Compensation Claims

Companies with more than one employee must purchase insurance to cover injuries that occur while working for the employer. This insurance covers medical and wage loss benefits while an employee recovers from an injury.

Henderson Brothers can create and review physician panels, review unit stat filing, and monitor cases to preserve time limitations and implement transitional/modified returns to work to keep the cost of insurance down, prevent fraudulent or questionable claims, and help institute a timely path for employees to return to work.

Personal Claims Assistance

Customers with personal insurance lines of auto, homeowners and flood insurance at Henderson Brothers receive timely claims handling and personal attention. We understand that circumstances around a claim can be stressful and sometimes traumatic, which is why, along with personal counseling, we offer 24/7 direct claims reporting and commit to negotiating with adjusters and serving as an advocate for the client and claim.