Personal Umbrella/Excess Liability insurance offers coverage beyond traditional auto and home insurance. This insurance provides an additional layer of liability coverage to preserve your assets. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate limit for you and your family.

Henderson Brothers recommends that all individuals consider this coverage as part of a comprehensive insurance program.

“Our partners with Henderson Brothers have been absolutely outstanding! We couldn't be happier with the level of knowledge, service and attention.” — V.P. Human Resources, Media company
“Expert level services delivered in a professional and tailored manner to their clients.” — Director, Controller and Financial Services, Higher Education Client
“Our Henderson Brothers team goes above and beyond consistently.” — Human Resources Manager, Energy Company
“Henderson Brothers not only provides great service, but you also create a partnership in doing that. You take the time to understand your client’s needs and their business.” — Executive, Management Solutions Company
“Henderson Brothers representatives have lived up to their responsibilities and are always responsive and timely in carrying out their work.” — Human Resource Manager, Manufacturing Company
"Our relationship with Henderson Brothers began with their retirement plan division, and has since grown to include employee benefits. Each team member we work with, regardless of the department, provides our company with expert advice and dedication to help navigate complex, constantly changing marketplaces." –Amy Smith, Vice President of Finance & Administration, Carload Express, Inc.
“Henderson Brothers cares about the community. Whether it’s the leadership donating time and resources to tri-state nonprofits, or the entire team participating in a day of caring, or donating wrapped gifts for kids at Christmas, the folks at Henderson Brothers give back.” –Alan Siger, Consumer’s Produce
“Henderson Brothers’ team has the experience and knowledge that gives us the insight we need to make the best decisions for our company regarding business insurance packages and employee benefits. They are always willing to go the extra mile to get the best result, and it helps that they are a pleasure to work with!” –Ann Bate, Controller and Chief Financial Officer, CleanCare
“We connected with Henderson Brothers because we needed a strategic partner who would do more than guide us through annual renewals, but rather one that would help us to develop a more strategic and proactive approach to benefits management with deep expertise in compliance. What we have found is that Henderson Brothers has not only surpassed those expectations, but they are also aligned with our corporate values, they treat our employees like their own, and they care deeply about our successes and challenges. Henderson Brothers has become the benchmark for all my other vendor relationships.” –Paige Turk, Human Resources Director, Flynn’s Tire
“I view the team at Henderson Brothers as an extension of the 4moms Human Resources team. They have done a tremendous job finding the right benefits solutions at a fair price for the employees at 4moms and their families. The level of customer service we receive exceeds all expectation, and they are always willing to share their extensive knowledge.” –Jacki Szymanski, Director of Human Resources, 4moms
“After having worked with Henderson Brothers for over 10 years, and specifically with Dana Granito, I have the utmost confidence in their ability to tackle new challenges (ACA) and stay up-to-date on many insurance practices and trends. Henderson Brothers is not a ‘reactive’ organization, but rather, they take the lead in translating the ever-changing insurance landscape and market. We feel very fortunate to have Dana and the entire Henderson Brothers crew in our back pocket!” –Linda Buker, Manager of Museum and Strategic Resources, The Frick Pittsburgh
“Working with Henderson Brothers is a true partnership. They care about their clients and always act in the best interest of our company. They are honest, fair and always willing to help. We always know that if we are not getting the answers we need that we can contact them to step in and get us the results and answers. I enjoy working with them and am confident that I have someone I can trust when I have questions. They are efficient and responsible partners and I could not imagine working with anyone else.” –Courtney Curigliano, Director of Human Resources, Rice Energy
“Quick Med Claims (QMC) recently partnered with Henderson Brothers to manage all of our employee benefits and commercial insurance programs. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. They quickly understood our goals and company culture. Their deep industry knowledge, access to national partners and ability to put a comprehensive package together is a great win for our employees and our company.” –Scott Powell, Chief Operating Officer, Quick Med Claims
“Henderson Brothers has done a remarkable job for both our HR team and our employees in all of the areas that they touch–medical, dental, vision, EAP, wellness, BWC and our general insurance coverages. They are able to provide industry and regional benchmarks, make strategic recommendations that have produced significant savings, and assist us with difficult discussions with our vendors. They always operate with our best interest in mind, and will forcefully argue our case whenever necessary. We are in constant contact with them and work very closely. This is a very important relationship to our business and Henderson Brothers is integral to our success; allowing us to offer the very best benefits to our employees while balancing our ability to contain costs.” –Tina Myles, Chief Human Resources Officer, Pressley Ridge
“We chose Henderson Brothers as our insurance broker for employee benefits and property/casualty insurance due to their vast expertise in all lines of insurance and an unmatched level of client service. They constantly review our policies to ensure that we have the proper level of coverage and pricing based on changes in both our business and the insurance marketplace.” –Rich Zolinas, Chief Financial Officer, Du-Co Ceramics
“Henderson Brothers and Chromalox share a proud heritage of being founded in Pittsburgh and being in business for over 100 years. Henderson Brothers not only provides unparalleled support with a comprehensive understanding of all benefit plans and state and federal regulations, but also a level of commitment that we rely on. By having a solid understanding of our business and our needs, they expertly mitigate our risks and help to position Chromalox to be an employer of choice. We rely on their expertise and most importantly, we value their people as true business partners as we value our own employees. Chromalox prides ourselves in being an ‘innovative expert;’ our core values dictate the way we treat our associates and how we become true strategic partners. We value that same expertise in Henderson Brothers.” –Leslie Quealy, Director of Global Human Resources, Chromalox
“We were fortunate to have been referred to Henderson Brothers by one of their existing clients. With our interest in providing a rich benefits plan for our employees, and awareness of all of the complexity surrounding employment and benefit laws, we want to ensure that we are compliant and have a consultant that will guide us through every step of the process. Henderson Brothers is always available to help us and provides a quick, accurate response.” –Kelly Kuczinski, Director of Finance & Administration, Bender Consulting Services
"Henderson Brothers provides us with a comprehensive suite of solutions in order to plan our Health & Welfare spend. Given the level of investment medical costs are to the organization, and the complexity of complying with ongoing legislation change, the Henderson Brothers consultants are readily equipped with relevant know-how and guidance in presenting options and weighing risks with us in order to meet our business objectives." –Jean Bayuk, Director, Total Rewards, Evoqua Water Technologies
“Our companies have been associated with Henderson Brothers for over 25 years. They have principally handled our benefits, property and equipment insurance needs, especially marine insurance, which has long been a specialty of Henderson Brothers.” –Cliff Rowe, PJ Dick/Trumbull/Lindy
“Henderson Brothers not only provides us with competitively priced insurance, but also performs other services in health care analysis, personnel, safety and compliance. They add value to a company our size in areas outside what you would expect.” –Paul Lackner, Paper Products Company
“Each and every year, we are impressed when it is time for our insurance renewal. Henderson Brothers' relationships with their carriers ensure we get the best products, services and rates. They negotiate and secure favorable policies on our behalf, act as an intermediary with our carriers, perform claims management and provide advice regarding business ventures.” –John Mascaro, Mascaro Construction
"Mascaro has enjoyed a business relationship with Henderson Brothers for over 20 years, and a personal relationship with Dan and Tom Grealish that predates the business relationship. Mascaro's portfolio with Henderson Brothers has grown from our commercial insurance program 20 years ago to include our employee benefits management and administration, training for both insurance and claims management, advice regarding our 401K and risk management. A recent addition is HB Retirement Webinars, a series of free educational programs offered by Henderson Brothers to help employees plan for their retirement.” –John Mascaro, Mascaro Construction
“Henderson Brothers’ strengths and values dovetail with our own, which is what makes our collaboration with them such a compelling partnership. They provide personal attention and really seem to understand our unique needs and challenges.” –Robert Morris University
“Henderson Brothers not only provides us with competitively priced insurance but also performs other services in Health Care analysis, personnel, safety and compliance. They add outstanding value to a company our size in areas outside what you would expect.” –Paul Lackner, Paper Products Company
“Like many companies, one of our largest expense items is our health insurance. Henderson Brothers has provided critical guidance in helping us progress from a fully insured, non-contributory plan to our current plan structure with employee contributions, Health Savings Accounts and numerous healthy-living incentive programs.” –Cliff Rowe, P.J. Dick/Trumbull/Lindy
“In all of the areas of our business that Henderson Brothers touches (medical, dental, vision, wellness and general insurance coverages), they have done a remarkable job for our HR team and our employees. They are able to provide industry and regional benchmarks, make strategic recommendations that have produced significant savings, and assist us with difficult discussions with our vendors. They always operate with our best interest in mind, and will forcefully argue our case whenever necessary. We are in constant contact and work with them very closely. This is an incredibly significant and very important relationship to our business, and Henderson Brothers is integral to our success, allowing us to offer the very best benefits to our employees while ensuring that our costs are contained." -Tina Myles, Chief Human Resources Officer, Pressley Ridge  
“When you do business with Henderson Brothers, they are always there for you.” –John C. Mascaro, Jr., President & CEO, Mascaro Construction Company, L.P.
“Henderson responds quickly and passionately to our issues. Accidents happen, and sometimes they are very serious. The true measure of Henderson's value is in how the crisis is handled and resolved. Henderson Brothers takes charge of the situation, and that allows us to continue the flow of product to our clients.” –Paul Lackner, Paper Products Company
“Henderson Brothers is the perfect agency; they are large enough to offer the products and services the multi-international firms provide, but they make you feel like you’re their only client.” –Alan Siger, Consumer’s Produce
“The ability of Henderson Brothers to partner with my senior leadership team to educate the Board of Trustees on the complex issues we face together, and the solutions to those challenges, really stands out.” –Robert Morris University
“Henderson, through their cyber liability program, was able to get us compliant and most importantly, train our people in the handling and protection of confidential information. Not only for us but our customers as well. It was a tremendously valuable service.” –Paul Lackner, Paper Products Company
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