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Henderson Brothers works with your team to identify how your contracts and other legal relationships may impact your insurance policies.  We understand how certain language may trigger or not trigger certain coverages, create certain obligations to change or add to your insurance, or expose your organization to increased risks.

We assist your staff in reviewing contracts for these items, to ensure compliance with your insurance policies, and to help place your organization in the best possible position and balance the risks that entering into certain contracts may produce.

The Henderson Brothers team provides the following services in order to help you achieve that desired position:
  • Contract review regarding the insurance provisions, your limits, and your compliance to those terms
  • Sample language assessments
  • Identification of third-party assumed liability(ies) and additional insured status
  • Certificate issuance and assistance with certificate wording

LegalSifter Partnership

Henderson Brothers is proud to partner with LegalSifter to support its internal and client Risk Transfer Services.

Who do I contact for Content Support?

Contact Henderson Brothers at 412-261-1824 or at [email protected].

Who do I contact for software support and issues?

Contact LegalSifter at 855-743-8669 or at [email protected].

Why will my document not sift?

To troubleshoot the issue, please email [email protected].

Which internet browsers are compatible with Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review?

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

My link did not work.

The link included in the initial “Getting Started” email from LegalSifter will expire after 14 days. To receive a new “Getting Started” email, please email [email protected].

I cannot login to my account.

  1. The password being entered is incorrect. If you cannot remember your password, click “Forgot Password” and an email will be sent to you so you can reset your password.
  2. Accounts will be locked after five failed login attempts. This is a security precaution.
  3. If you have not yet logged in to Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review, your “Getting Started” email link may have expired. The email link expires after 14 days. Contact [email protected] for a new link.

Can I access any help articles or videos relating to Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review?

Yes, there is a library of help article and videos that you can review at help.legalsifter.com.

Which types of formatted documents will Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review sift?

You can sift documents in doc, docx and pdf format (assuming the scanned version is readable).

What is a Sifter?

Sifters are artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that are trained to read text and look for a specific concept. They learn from experience and improve over time. LegalSifter’s Sifters use two types of artificial intelligence to solve this problem: machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). NLP teaches computers to interpret human language as written, regardless of style. LegalSifter’s Sifters use NLP to convert text into meaning. LegalSifter trains their Sifters with machine learning to identify a specific concept, like a consequential damages waiver. Their lawyers find hundreds or thousands of examples of a specific concept. Their Data Science team uses machine learning to find the intangible thread that binds the writing of lots of lawyers, all with their own grammatical flair. As more of their clients use the Sifters, they improve.

How are Sifters built?

It is a 9-step process involving 2 to 3 attorneys and 1 to 2 Data Scientists. It takes the LegalSifter team between 3-5 weeks to build a Sifter. The attorneys review thousands of sentences or phrases that may or may not address the concept covered (usually from 500+ private and public contracts from around the world). When the attorneys have sufficient data, they pass the data over to their data scientists, who then build the machine learning algorithm that uses natural language processing — the Sifter. When their data scientists believe they have hit the quality thresholds established by the LegalSifter team, the Sifter goes through final testing and then is launched into production.

What types of AI are used in Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review?

There are two types: machine learning and natural language processing.

Is the sifting process complicated/how does it work?

It’s a short 3-step process for sifting that takes a few minutes. Longer contracts may take a minute or two more. Once you’ve logged into Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review, you’ll:

Step 1: Click “Sift Document” and the system will prompt you to select the sifter document type and then click “Continue”.

Step 2: Upload the contract from your computer and the system will begin reviewing it.

Step 3: You’ll see a progress bar, and once sifting is complete, you can view the Sifted Document by clicking the “Open” tile

Do Sifters make mistakes?

Sifters are trained to read text and look for a specific concept. They learn from experience and improve over time. The Sifters do their job extremely well, but they may still make mistakes from time to time. If a user notices what looks like a Sifter error, they can report it to us using the Sifter Trainer. Please refer to this help article for instructions on where to find/how to use the Sifter Trainer. After a Sifter error is reported to the Sifter Trainer, our software partner will retrain the Sifter in 5 to 10 business days to ensure the Sifter never makes the same mistake again.


How does this service compare to human reviews?

Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review is not a substitute for human review of a contract. Instead, it provides the user with an automated do-it-yourself review and provides actionable guidance on those issues in the context of the contract so users can understand better the associated risks and make informed changes and redlines. The Sifted document can be exported as a Microsoft Word file or can be shared with other Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review users in their firm to optimize collaboration among reviewers.

Where is user data stored and is it secure?

User data is secure. Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review multi-tenant environments are currently hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Northern Virginia. AWS data centers are state-of-the-art, housed in non-descript facilities, but controlled physically with the strictest of processes. LegalSifter also encrypts data at rest and deploys its solutions as software-as-a-service with multi-tenancy. Unique login keys are used to ensure that users are only able to access data that is available for and associated with their account. To learn more about what LegalSifter does to keep data safe, please visit LegalSifter’s Cloud Security Page.

Does LegalSifter use contracts for Research & Development (R&D) purposes?

LegalSifter asks permission from their clients to use data from their contracts for R&D purposes, including building out additional Sifters and improving existing Sifters. More than 75% of clients opt-in.

How can I obtain further assistance for my insurance and risk management questions?

You may contact your Henderson Brothers service team, or you may email [email protected].

How can I confirm my insurance limits and/or request a certificate of insurance related to my contract?

You may log onto your Henderson Brothers’ CSR24 portal to view your policy information and obtain certificates. You may also contact your Henderson Brothers service team.

What is the General Advice comment on all the sifted documents?

The General Advice field reminds you that Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review works as a combined intelligence tool. It is software to aid your review, but careful human evaluation of the document is still necessary. Henderson Brothers, Inc. provides risk transfer, insurance, and risk management reviews for clients’ contracts, not legal reviews. Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review is a tool utilized in that process. LegalSifter is not providing legal advice. Additionally, Henderson Brothers, Inc. nor its employees provide legal or tax advice. Henderson Brothers, Inc. recommends that its clients confer with their own legal counsel for all potentially relevant legal issues in the clients’ contracts. The suggestions and sample language shared as part of this contract review via Henderson Brothers LegalSifter Review should still be carefully reviewed prior to execution.

What does the Found category of Sifters mean?

The Found Sifters represent the concepts that have identified related language in the sifted document. The specific language in the document may differ, but the concept itself exists. You should review the language highlighted by the Found Sifters in the sifted document in conjunction with the advice and sample language displayed with the Sifter in the right margin next to the sifted document to determine if the contract provisions are consistent with your preferred/standard terms.

What does the Missing category of Sifters mean?

The Missing Sifters represent concepts that are not found in the sifted document. In light of contract negotiations, you should review the advice and sample language related to the Missing Sifters to determine whether you want to insert the sample language in the document.

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