Top of Mind Strategies for Solving Today’s Benefits Challenges

* Upcoming In-Person Event Tuesday, June 4 at the Fairmont Pittsburgh * Get ready for 2025 with the Henderson Brothers Health & Benefits Leadership Forum – the most comprehensive benefits trends event of the year! This is your opportunity to learn about the market forces, latest developments and cost saving strategies influencing employer sponsored health … Continued

Leveraging Analytics for an Effective Mental Health Strategy

Mental health has emerged as a critical concern in society, with its significance amplified during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Contrary to many other medical categories, mental health claims increased in 2020 and has been on a steady rise, demonstrating its enduring importance. This upward trajectory is expected to persist, underscoring the need for … Continued

OSHA Announces Final Rule Effective May 31, 2024

OSHA revealed its conclusive regulation on March 29, 2024, outlining the rights of employees to designate a third-party representative to accompany OSHA Inspectors during workplace compliance investigations. It’s essential to understand your rights in the event of an OSHA visit to your worksite and to have a plan in place before you’re tasked with permitting … Continued

10 Key Functions and Features of the Best HRIS Solutions

With so many Human Resource Information System (HRIS) solutions in the market, knowing which to choose can be overwhelming. First and foremost, you need to choose a solution that covers the needs of your organization. You must consider the size of both your organization and your internal HRIS team, along with any pain points that … Continued

3 Tips to Properly Evaluate and Implement an ICHRA Solution

Since late 2022, we have continued to see companies explore the feasibility of an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) ultimately leading to record high adoption rates. While the reasons usually vary: unsustainably high renewal increases or a desire to offer employees more choice in their healthcare, among others, the solution has become clear: an … Continued

Rising Insurance Rates for Motor Carriers: Understanding Premium Increases and How to Manage Risk

Insurance costs for motor carriers have been consistently increasing over the past few years. Facing higher losses and claim payouts, insurance carriers have raised premiums to cover costs. Some carriers have exited the trucking insurance industry altogether, decreasing competition and further increasing costs for business owners. Rising premiums combined with unpredictable freight rates, costly parts … Continued

Our Past Propels Our Future: Read our feature in the Pittsburgh Business Times

Our past propels our future. “We are more than just advisors…We have assembled a team of the best people in the industry who genuinely care about the success of each of our customers.” – Chairman Dan P. Grealish, Henderson Brothers Hot off the press! Read our feature in the Pittsburgh Business Times as we celebrate … Continued

Prioritizing Employee Mental Health

Today’s work environments are fast-paced and demanding, and the mental health of employees has emerged as a critical concern that no organization can afford to overlook. Beyond the traditional focus on productivity and efficiency, employers must recognize the profound impact that mental health has on the overall success and sustainability of your business. Four main … Continued

Landlord Dilemma for Premium Allocations

It is customary in many cases for an entity with large real estate holdings to allocate insurance premiums to their tenants which is clearly outlined in a lease agreement. The current property market has made this task tougher and tougher. In the soft market, the premiums for multi-tenant buildings/locations were easily broken out by location … Continued