Reviewing Certificates of Insurance

Insurance is an important component of many business transactions.  Whether you’re a construction company hiring subcontractors, a manufacturer contracting with a supplier for component parts, or anything in between, you require proof that the other party carries adequate insurance to protect them and you in the event of a claim.  This proof is provided in … Continued

How To Win The War On Talent

By Chris Shipley, Vice President and Director of Emerging Markets I would bet that I see at least 2-3 articles a week about the strength of the economy and how it is creating a difficult job market for attracting and retaining quality employees. Additionally, I probably talk to at least one business each week that … Continued

Is Your Insurance Policy Enough to Protect Your Valuables?

Homeowner’s or a renter’s insurance will protect your belongings in your home and help you to replace them if they are stolen, damaged, or destroyed. Some valuable possessions are excluded from homeowner’s or renter’s policies. Often, lists of certain items or general types of belongings are provided in the insurance policy contract. How do you … Continued

Severe Weather Advisory Tips

Over 140,000 households suffered a loss of power throughout southwestern Pennsylvania due to yesterday’s windstorm. After an event like this, it is a good time to ask: are you prepared for severe weather and have your taken steps to mitigate property risk? Here’s a quick overview during a weather advisory that our clients find helpful: … Continued

Happy Tails: Travel Safely with Your Pet

Bringing your favorite pet can add to the fun of a vacation, but only if you plan ahead carefully. Here are some tips for a safe & low-stress trip: Your dog or cat should have identification tag on its collar, as well as identification on your pet’s crate. Be sure to include the pet’s name, … Continued

What Makes a Driver Distracted?

April is Distracted Driving Month. Did you know? In 2015, there were 3,477 people killed and an estimated additional 391,000 injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in the United States. Understanding Driver Distraction: In this video from the American Psychological Association, we see how Cognitive neuroscientist David Strayer, PhD, studies how the brain processes information to … Continued

Q&A: Why Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

“ I am in my early twenties and I live with a roommate in a small apartment. Everything I own is cheap or used and I don’t see the point in buying renter’s insurance. Between bills, rent, car insurance and going out, I don’t have much money so I am really concerned about making yet … Continued

ER vs. Urgent Care: Choosing the correct treatment option

After spending the weekend with their toddler nephew, Sarah and her sister, Allison, caught a bad case of the flu. Sarah and Allison are both enrolled in similar employer group health plans that have a deductible for services such as hospital stays, x-rays, and emergency room visits. Now both miserable and awake in the middle … Continued

Avoid Medical Billing Mistakes With An Explanation of Benefits

“I owe how much?” Recently, our customer, Julie, was surprised to learn that a simple procedure she had scheduled with her dermatologist cost her $930 out of pocket. “‘They had sent me some paperwork in the mail prior to the procedure that stated, according to my health care coverage and high deductible plan; I was … Continued

Q&A: Do I Need Car Insurance If I Don’t Need A Car?

  “I want to sell my car. I rent an apartment in the city close enough to my job to walk. I’ve figured out every angle to avoid using a car, and I dream of not dealing with the hassle or cost of one. One thing, though, is that I heard it’s a good idea … Continued