Gender Identity and HR Technology

Gender identity is a common topic of discussion among employers these days and the need to capture an employee’s preferred gender identity within the workplace has increased. So how can your organization ensure a balance of inclusion and compliance while maintaining your technology? Many companies currently capture two or three classifications for gender—such as female, male, … Continued

Preparing HR Technology for the OSHA Vaccination ETS

OSHA has submitted the Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) which is a division of the White House Budget Office. Once the review is final, it will be posted on the Federal Register for public access. We expect that once the ETS goes into effect, Employers will have a rather quick … Continued

Simplifying the Open Enrollment Process with Technology

How do employers look for ways to simplify the open enrollment process? Many companies are turning to technology to help simplify their open enrollment processes and make it easier to elect benefits remotely. Consider the following when planning open enrollment this year: Digital Enrollment Hub: Create a digital open enrollment hub where employees can see all … Continued

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking in Benefits Systems

HR technology vendors are working diligently to unveil new vaccine management solutions designed to help HR teams track the immunization status of employees in addition to other COVID related features. Some experts say using these technologies to collect, store and analyze employee vaccination data comes with legal risks and requires appropriate care in handling. Below … Continued

APIs: What’s the Hype?

Things are changing so fast in the world of HR technology, it’s hard to keep up. Notably, data integrations are leading the charge. Technology providers and insurance carriers alike are touting a better way to exchange data than the traditional, HIPAA 834 file (or EDIs). The term “API” clogs their blog posts and sales collateral, … Continued

All-In-One Versus Point Solutions

The most common question or issue is whether it makes sense for an employer to utilize one “all-in-one” HCM solution for all of their HR technology needs, or if a multiple “point solutions” is the better approach. The idea that there is a single HCM solution that can address all your HR technology needs is … Continued