3 Top Technology Opportunities to Watch in 2022

HR Tech Tips
  1. Skills-based systems or Talent Intelligence systems. These are systems that identify the skills that somebody has, the skills required for a job and they use that information for recruiting, development, internal mobility, career growth, and potentially even for pay. This is the massive technology investment that’s been going on for the last five or six years.
  2. Employee Experience platforms. All of the tools that companies have bought over the years in HR tech for time and expense management, payroll, learning management or recruiting: They are now being reconceived as systems of productivity and experience and systems that employees can use in the flow of work. And that’s a big change. People now are very busy. They’re working at home, on the road, on their computer a lot, and they don’t have time to poke around in the HR system and find the right screen to do whatever it is that HR wants them to do.
  3. Longer-term Workforce Planning. In an economy where there are 17 million open jobs, one-third of the workforce is quitting each year, and it’s hard to hire, HR needs to sit down and plan where you’re going to grow. You must plan for what roles you’re going to need and how are you going to either develop people internally or source them from some other location. Maybe you have to buy a company to grow the workforce. This all means you need a strategic planning team. Workforce planning has been a niche market in HR, but now the new systems that are coming out for skills and talent intelligence and recruiting can be used for workforce planning. Another big new part of the HR tech market is moving from general analytics to really intelligent workforce planning tools.

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