Commitment to Excellence

Henderson Brothers engaged an independent research partner, Satrix Solutions, for an accurate and reliable assessment of our clients’ satisfaction. The results showcase the commitment we have to providing an exceptional experience for our clients.


Net Promoter Score®

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a widely used tool designed to measure client loyalty and satisfaction. It is derived by asking customers one question: “How likely are you to recommend Henderson Brothers to a colleague or business associate [?]” and calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors (6 – 0 rating) from the percentage of Promoters (10 – 9 rating). Therefore, the Net Promoter Score can vary on a scale from -100 to +100.

Higher scores are better than lower scores. Henderson Brothers’ score of 86% far exceeds the average insurance industry score range, which was between 27%-41% in 2021.

Promoters (10 – 9 Rating)
Passives (8 – 7 Rating)
Detractors (6 – 0 Rating)

Satisfaction Scores

95% Benefits Service
89% P&C Insurance Service
89% HB Retirement Service
93% Benefits Products
90% P&C Insurance Products
87% HB Retirement Products
“Your employees are very knowledgeable and understanding. When presented with questions they are quick to respond. We would recommend Henderson Brothers to our clients or anyone that is in need of a broker.”
“I personally have relied on our wonderful team at Henderson Brothers for the last 10+ years and as a company we have worked with them many years longer. They are knowledgeable and enjoyable. We feel we are in good hands with them and that they are an extension of our internal team.”
“The people assigned to our account are responsive, knowledgeable, friendly, and have bent over backwards for me a number of occurrences. They are also great at presenting new ideas to reduce cost and retain staff.”
“The level of attention and detail provided …by the Henderson Brothers team is superior to any we have ever received. We need them to be an extension of our HR Department and do everything they can to help us save money, and they deliver this year after year.”
“Henderson Brothers is wonderful to our community and have tailored to our needs over the years. They have brought up great strategic opportunities for us to move forward in our current plans.”
“Outstanding staff and customer service. Henderson Brothers employees consistently go above and beyond to deliver quality advice and services.”