As the situation continues to evolve surrounding the global pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19, Henderson Brothers has established this resource page to help navigate the unprecedented challenges that it presents. Experts from our business lines continue to monitor potential impacts and provide insight and resources. We encourage you to continue referring to this location for the latest updates and pertinent information to help you manage the implications on your business and on your employees. If you have a question you don’t see addressed, please contact us. We’re here to support you.
The safety and well-being of our clients and employees is foremost in our minds as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Henderson Brothers remains committed to providing superior service to our clients and business partners and we will continue to take the steps necessary to prevent any interruption in our business processes. Our business continuity plan enables us to consistently serve our clients and their members if our employees are unable to work in our office.
Effective March 16, 2020, we have closed our office and implemented our business continuity plan which involves our employees working remotely through at least April 3rd. Our staff is fully equipped to continue to deliver heroic client service with minimal disruption, if any. Our employees have the ability to handle your inquiries, phone calls and meetings via virtual capabilities.
We are monitoring the Governor’s Order closely and will comply with all local, state and federal guidelines while balancing the safety of our employees, client and the community.

Resources for Business Clients

We encourage organizations to seek guidance from health organizations and government sites dedicated to COVID-19 prevention and management for the latest information directly related to the health impacts of infectious disease outbreaks.

John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
World Health Organization, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Pennsylvania Department of Health, PA COVID-19 Update
Allegheny County, COVID-19 Resources
Department of Labor, The American Workplace and COVID-19
Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health, COVID-19
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist, (link to document), 3/30/2020

Information and materials to help business leaders better understand the scope and impact of COVID-19 including coverage considerations.

Benefits Practice Considerations
Note: Henderson Brothers has sample policies and language regarding COVID-19 information. Please contact your Henderson Brothers representative for more information.

New FFCRA Employee Rights Notice  – Post April 1 (link to document), 3/31/20
Carrier Accommodations for COVID-19 (link to document), 3/27/20
Employee Rights Under Families First Coronavirus Response Act (link to document), 3/26/20
DOL FAQ – New Paid Sick and Paid Family Leave Requirements (link to document), 3/25/20
Furloughs and Other Temporary Responses to COVID-19 Disruptions (link to document), 3/24/20
COVID-19 COBRA Toolkit (Microsoft word template download), 3/23/20
Details of the Proposed Phase 3 Relief from Congress, 3/20/20
COVID-19 and Telemedicine Coverage (link to document), updated 3/19/20
Health Plan Coverage Considerations, 3/15/20
The Importance of Telehealth in Managing COVID-19, 3/15/20
Managing Paid Leave Scenarios and COVID-19 (link to document), 3/15/20
Considerations for Paid Leave Changes as Coronavirus Spreads (link to document), 3/15/20
Coronavirus and your workforce –  Benefits Q&A (link to document), 3/14/20
HDHPs will not lose HSA Qualified Status for COVID-19  (link to document), 3/13/20

Financial Considerations – Retirement Plan Sponsors and Committee Members
Historic Stimulus Bill Passes Senate: The Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (link to document), 4/1/2020
Speaking of Markets – High Cost of Cashing Out (link to document), 3/30/20
Severance of Employment, Layoff, or Furlough? (link to document), 3/30/20
From the Desk of the CIO: Uncertainty Still High (link to document), 3/29/20
Senate Approves Coronavirus Stimulus with Retirement Relief, (link to document), 3/26/20
From the Desk of the CIO – Some Visibility Improvement (link to document), 3/22/20
HB Retirement’s Guide to Volatile Markets (link to document, employee specific), 3/18/20
From the Desk of the CIO: Domestic Affairs Now Being Felt (link to document), 3/15/20
Investing With Emotions Can Be Costly (link to document), 3/14/20
Diversification can feel disappointing (link to document), 3/14/20
Four Things for Businesses to Think About Amid Coronavirus Concerns and Market Volatility (link to document), 3/12/20
Wild Coronavirus Ride Continues for Investors (link to document),3/9/20
Financial Market Snapshot (link to document), 3/2/20
From the Desk of the CIO: Volatility in Perspective (link to document), 2/27/20

Property & Casualty Considerations
Information Gathering for Potential Business Interruption Claims (link to document), 4/2/20
Property Protection Considerations, (link to document), 3/24/20
Cyber Criminals Seeking to Capitalize on Coronavirus (link to document), 3/20/20
COVID-19 and Commercial Insurance Coverages (link to document), 3/18/20
COVID-19 and Potential Business Interruption Claims (link to document), 3/15/20

Resources for communicating with your employees on COVID-19 management.

Sample COVID-19 Permission Letter (Microsoft word template download), 3/24/20
Whitepaper: Employee Exposure Considerations and Response Plan, updated 3/20/20
Sample Remote Work Policy (Microsoft word template download), 3/19/20
Sample Remote Work Agreement (Microsoft word template download), 3/19/20
Employer Guide – Temporary Remote Work Arrangements (Microsoft word template download), 3/19/20
Sample employee COVID-19 Guidance Letter (Microsoft word template download), 3/15/20

The Latest Updates from Henderson Brothers

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