2017 Publication 15-B – Employers Guide to Fringe Benefits

Posted February 28, 2017 Industry Insights, Expert Tips

For each new calendar year the IRS releases an updated Publication 15-B (Employers Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits) which provides important information many employers rely upon to determine the tax treatment of various fringe benefits, including accident and health coverage, Health Savings Accounts, transportation benefits, etc.  The 2017 publication has some noteworthy changes and clarity including:

  • Examples of benefits that cannot be excluded as de minimis fringe benefits;
  • Details about the limits on employee discounts;
  • Information on the exclusion for lodging on the employer’s business premises;
  • Detail on the exclusion for meals provided at an employer-operated eating facility and meals provided for the employer’s convenience; and
  • Information about when product testing benefits are excludable as a working condition fringe benefit.

The updated publication also illustrates information on the Premium Tax Credit, the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, and the applicable penalty for failure to maintain minimum essential coverage in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

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For a PDF version of this update, click here.

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