BREAKING: Supreme Court Stays OSHA ETS Vaccination and Testing Mandate

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The Supreme Court of the United States issued its highly-anticipated opinions today on the OSHA ETS and the CMS healthcare industry vaccination and testing mandates.

In short, the Supreme Court blocked further implementation of all parts of the OSHA ETS.

The Supreme Court allowed the CMS healthcare mandate to stand.

For the ETS, this means the case is remanded back to the Sixth Circuit for a decision on the merits. The legal issues central to the ETS will be briefed and argued again at the Sixth Circuit level, and then likely appealed to the Supreme Court for a second review.

Of course, an organization may elect to implement the ETS, but given the Supreme Court’s opinion on the ETS today, this would be strictly voluntary.

For the CMS healthcare mandate, if this applies to your organization, your compliance initiatives must continue.

Please let me or your HB Team know if you have any questions on these recent decisions.

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