Expect An Expert Episode 6: Excessive Fee Litigation

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In this episode of Expect an Expert, Henderson Brothers’ in-house counsel, Peter Horne, answers 4 questions about excessive fee litigation and its impact on insurance. An excessive fee lawsuit is when participants in a retirement plan allege that the plan sponsor (or other entities or individuals) breached their fiduciary duties by making the participants pay inflated fees as part of their retirement plan savings. Peter Horne may be reached at [email protected] or directly at (412) 754-3242.

Time stamps:

00:46 What are excessive fee lawsuits?
02:00 Do most employers have to worry about these type of lawsuits?
03:28 What impact do these lawsuits have on the retirement plan sponsor’s insurance policy?
08:27 How do I learn more or if I have questions about my own upcoming fiduciary liability, D&O, or management liability policies?


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