How Drained Will a Pipe Burst Leave You?

pipe repair

The Henderson Brothers’ Claims Department assists adjusters to make sure the correct cause of loss is determined to engage the proper coverage for our client.

In a recent case of a property water loss, the initial indication from the adjuster pointed to a backup of a sewer line for which there was limited coverage. The Claims Department was able to advocate for our client to steer the adjuster to the proper cause of loss which was a frozen pipe burst.  The intervention of our claims specialist initiated a complete investigation which resulted in affording our client the full extent of the policy limit for the loss.

How often does this happen? There are instances where the adjuster needs help in determining a cause that might not be apparent. With all claims, the “cause” is the focal point of the initial investigation that the adjuster needs to verify to trigger coverage of the loss.  When you are not used to having conversations with an experience insurance carrier adjuster, this is where descriptions of this incident and the words that are used may steer the claim in the wrong direction.

Our persistent contact with the adjuster controlled the investigation resulting in accessing our client’s full range of coverage for the loss.

When building a risk management program, every facet of your organization needs to be assessed because it will impact your Total Costs of Risk (TCOR.)  Sound management of the incidents that will occur within your organization can positively affect your overall marketability.  The availability of a Claims Department based in your insurance agent’s operations that is focused on your best interests is invaluable.

It can be a very daunting task as a business owner navigating your way through a claim directly with the carrier’s adjuster.  Henderson Brothers’ Claims Department will be there to guide you through the claim process in the best way to gain the results favorable to you.  We work hard to develop the best strategic action plans for our clients and we remain committed to the monitoring and support of these strategies.

Roughly 25 percent of businesses that sustain a major catastrophe are no longer in business within a year’s time. If there is an interruption in your operations, are you prepared? Henderson Brothers Claims Department has the resources and tools for you to develop a comprehensive incident response plan.

Call (412) 261-1842 with claim related questions or to review your risk management program. 

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