Simplifying the Open Enrollment Process with Technology

HR Tech Tips

How do employers look for ways to simplify the open enrollment process? Many companies are turning to technology to help simplify their open enrollment processes and make it easier to elect benefits remotely. Consider the following when planning open enrollment this year:

  • Digital Enrollment Hub: Create a digital open enrollment hub where employees can see all resources and links to the digital documents, videos and recordings
  • Use Multiple Communication Methods: In addition to your HR system, use other communication channels such as email, intranet, employee engagement applications, email, and text or direct messaging
  • Use Your Benefit Administration System: Make sure you are using your Benefit Administration to its full potential – there may be some good tools you haven’t discovered
  • Year-round, on-demand: Make information easily accessible all year round, not just during open enrollment

There is no one way to simplify the enrollment process that works for every organization. Tactics depend on the size of your company, complexity of the benefits packages you offer, employee demographics and culture. Tailoring your strategies to meet your specific needs helps encourage employee engagement and ultimately paves the way for a more efficient enrollment period.

Most employers look to split the process into two parts. First, make it easier for your company to administer, and second, help employees better understand their options so they can get the most out of your plan. As you examine your specific needs for 2021, consider how you might tailor some general technology strategies to streamline your approach to open enrollment.

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