Success Story: Controlling Costs Through Benefits Strategy

The Challenge

The medical prescription spend for a western Pennsylvania university was spiraling out of control. The per employee per month (PEPM) drug cost for specialty medications accounted for nearly 50% of the total medical/Rx claim cost. In 2020, the university faced a high double-digit increase from their benefits provider with no programs to mitigate rising costs.

The Solution

With the guidance and analysis of the Henderson Brothers’ Benefits Practice, the university moved to a self-funded arrangement, implemented Benecon to cap monthly costs, carved out the drug, and implemented a specialty drug savings program. These moves proved highly successful, as the PEPM drug cost dropped by $100 in the first six months of the plan year. The cost savings is now $115 compared to the previous year.

A drug utilization comparison from 2020 to 2021 shows a substantial prescription claim savings of $163,500. Total Claims in 2020 (net rebates) totaled $334,227, while they were reduced to $170,727 in 2021.

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