Three Responsible Ways to Start Planning Your Next Vacation

Posted August 30, 2016 Industry Insights, Expert Tips, Company News



You know you are getting old when you consider springing for insurance for plane tickets. Spontaneity is fun and all, but a little planning when it comes to your next trip can save you serious money and heartache; and insuring your tickets shouldn’t be the only thing you plan for on your next big trip.

Should you purchase insurance for your tickets?

There is no perfect science to answer this question, but a good place to start is to conside

  • What’s the length of time between the purchase of your tickets and the trip?
  • Who are your travel partners?
  • Where are you traveling?

For instance, a regional trip next weekend to see family is probably a pretty safe bet— but that’s not always the case for an expensive international ticket that you bought months in advance.
Since you only have 24 hours after the initial purchase of your ticket (unless it’s purchased within one week of departure) to cancel without penalty, insurance might be a good idea if the cost of the ticket took a toll on your wallet.

Okay, you’ve got your tickets. Who are you telling about your trip?

Your family. Your boss. Some close friends. That’s it. One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning a trip is telling everyone on social media the dates when they won’t be home, but their stuff will be.

If you are going on a prolonged trip, leave your house lights on a timer. Arrange for someone you trust to periodically check on your home. Leave them your itinerary and contact information so you can be reached at any time.

You should also give copies of your itinerary to your family. Make sure to email them when you arrive so they know you got to your destination safely. Don’t just tell them you’ll do it, either, actually do it.

Do you really need to buy travel health insurance?

Most health insurance companies offer coverage for emergencies, both domestic and abroad. Because every carrier has their own protocol, before you leave, call to find out what you should do if you need medical attention while traveling.

Every country has unique healthcare rules, so if you’re staying or studying abroad for an extended period of time, you definitely need to purchase coverage for your destination.

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