Why you should avoid telling social media you’re going on vacation (and other travel tips)

Posted August 11, 2016 Industry Insights, Expert Tips, Company News



Vacation season is in full swing, which means that homes are left empty and exposed to potential problems.

Use this checklist to help you have peace of mind while you’re away:


Make it look like you’re home

  • Forward mail
  • Stop newspaper delivery
  • Turn on motion sensitive exterior lights
  • Set internal lights on timers

Don’t give thieves an opportunity

  • Make sure alarm system actually works
  • Deadbolt external doors
  • Store valuables in a safe or safety deposit box
  • Don’t post vacation plans on social media

Avoid leaks and high energy costs

  • Turn off water supply and drain all pipes before leaving when gone for two weeks or more
  • Set air conditioning between 80-85°F when you leave (unless pets remain at home), and readjust it when you return
  • Shut off water to washing machines and dishwashers to avoid leaks
  • Consider shutting off and draining outdoor water faucets to prevent vandalism

Be prepared for emergencies

  • Ask a neighbor to check on the home regularly
  • Give them a key and your contact information
  • Have them check that the air conditioning is working properly and notify you in case of emergencies
  • Notify police department that the property will be vacant and provide emergency notification numbers